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Business, work and money

1) Can we create our own business?
2) Can money make you happy?
3) Advertisement
4) Do you want to start your own business?
5) Chiefs and Subordinates
6) The Crisis
7) Entrepreneurship - Responsibility and Guilt
8) Entrepreneurship and Comfort
9) Entrepreneurship and Freedom
10) Entrepreneurship and Status
11) Image-making
12) Money and self-respect
13) Money and comfort
14) Rich Dad, Poor Dad
15) Work and motivation
16) Work and self-organizing
17) Work and social status
18) Working and Studying
19) Self-presentation
20) How to motivate someone to buy something

Old discussions | Просмотров: 1061 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.25 | Комментарии (0)

Is sexism the only normal way of thinking?

1) Women and men are different. Don't you agree with that?
2) Women are superior to men in some aspects. For instance, women bring children. Don't you agree with that?
3) Women can be superior to men in some other aspects. Can you name them?

4) Taking into account that women are superior to men at least in one very important aspect, there remain only two things to presume: (1) Men are superior to women in other aspects and so both genders are very important and presumably equal or (2) Men are superior to women in no aspect at all and so they are inferior creatures. Are there any other ways of thinking?

5) The only humane presumption is that both genders are very important and valuable. And so, men are better than women in some aspects as well as women are better than men in some other aspects.

6) In what areas, do you thing, men are superior to women?

7) Can a woman respect men as men if she believes that men are inferior creatures?
8) Can a woman love men if she does not respect them?
9) Can a man have self-respect as a man if he believes that there is no superiority of his sex (while females are obviously superior in some very important aspects).
10) Can a woman love a man who does not respect himself?

11) Who needs do destroy male's self-respect? Is it done nowadays? For what purpose is it done?
12) Is feminism good for women?
13) Do you really believe that feminism is all about equal rights?
14) What can we say about people who believe that feminism is about equal rights?

15) If someone group of people have more rights and less responsibilities it is obviously unfair. Isn’t it?
16) Can a society be fair if some its members have more rights and more responsibilities at the same time? ...

Discussions | Просмотров: 1023 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.21 | Комментарии (0)

Language map

If you want you can prepare to the discussion. In this case read this material. You can come also without any preparation. It is also OK. Just don't be afraid of all that stuff.

1) Do you use mental maps? What do your mental maps look like?
2) Describe your language-map. Language consists of…
3) Describe the position of the language-land in your life-map? Language consists in…
4) Do you really need these complicated mental maps?

Restaurant and kitchen (interface and implementation) are two different realms, two parallel worlds of the same kingdom. Do you know what interface and implementation are?

Interface (Restaurant)

That is about four plus one basic skills: (1) speaking, (2) reading, (3) listening, (4) writing, (5) thinking. There are also four additional things: (6) making friends, (7) translating, (8) teaching, (9) passing exams.

So, we have five basic questions for the restaurant:

1) How do you practice your speaking?
2) How do you practice your listening?
3) How do you practice your reading?
4) How do you practice your writing?
5) Do you think in English?

And we have four additional questions as well:

1) How do you find friends?
2) How do you improve your translation skills?
3) Do you know how to teach English?
4) Do you know how to pass exams?


We have three questions for the kitchen:

1) How do you work on your grammar?
2) How do you work on your vocabulary
3) How do you work on your pronunciation?

There are also different approaches
1) What approaches can you name?
2) What is your favorite approach?

Levels of understanding

The approach you choose depends on level of understanding, what foreign languages acquisition is. The approaches are about how you invest your energy.

What is your main attitude? What is your level of understanding?

1) Language as work. To learn language you have to make yourself work. That is truth, but if it is what you are dealing with all the time, you have problems. People of this level of understanding are people of the gutter of the language-kingdom society.
2) Language as knowledge. People of this level work on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation. They don’t need to think about how to make themselves work. They already know it. And they are more effective than people of the first level. But you can know a lot of words and a lot of grammatical rules and a lot of phonetics, but not able to use your language at the same time.
3) Language as sport. Bodybuilding vs sport games. Alone vs in companies. People of every next level of understanding are stronger than people of two previous levels of understanding.
4) As sex. How do you make love with your language? How do you get (sexual) pleasure from it?
5) As yoga, self-development. Is language a way to God?
6) As game, as war. Language is your weapon. What do you fight for? What is your cause?

We have to make a foreign language our second native language. But are we really good in our native languages? How good are your basic skills? How can you improve them?

Language is psychology. How do you cope with your affective filter (your subconscious unwillingness to leave in a new language)? Language is like immigration. New language is a new country. Do you really want to immigrate into this new country?

Discussions | Просмотров: 1406 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.18 | Комментарии (0)


1) How do you understand the word “psychopath”?
2) Are psychopaths necessarily selfish? Are selfish people necessarily psychopaths?
3) Is it bad to be selfish?
4) Psychopathy, selfishness and need to attract attention. How do they correlate?
5) How much attention do we need to attract?
6) Psychological problems and psychopathy. Can there be problems without psychopathy? Can there be psychopathy without problems?
7) Is it bad to be a deviated person? Why?
8) How do you like this strategy: If you are suffering from an inner conflict which you are not able to resolve alone, bring your trouble to the public attention and discuss it?
9) Is it better to go to a shrink (analyst)? Is it better to discuss it with friends?
10) Is our global world neurotic, as Fromm once suggested? Is it even psychopathic? Or is it basically healthy?
11) What kind of psychopathy became a “norm” nowadays?
12) Are we hated or loved? If somebody feels presence of hatred, is it a kind of mental hallucination?
13) What about feeling of being loved?
14) Is something wrong with you if you feel that the life is revolving around you?


Discussions | Просмотров: 1015 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.16 | Комментарии (0)

Foreign languages (topics)

1) Mind map of foreign language. Foreign language consist of... consist in...
2) Learning words. Mnemonics, flash cards, electronic flash cards, developing memory, etc...
3) "Magic" techniques of memory
4) What is magic?
5) Levels of understanding what studying foreign languages is
6) Approaches
7) Comprehensible input
8) Affective filter
9) Reading, speed reading, artistic reading
10) Working on voice
11) Polyglots and monoglots
12) Blind typing
13) Pronunciation
14) Phonology
15) Communication games
16) Levels of teaching
17) Rules of reading
18) Extreme reduction
19) Parallel texts
20) Interesting books and other resources
21) Computers, bookreaders, tablets and other gadgets
22) Movies and how to watch them
23) Tutorials, manuals, textbooks, exercises
24) Grammar books
25) Examinations
26) Hypnopedia
27) Translation, interpreting
28) English phonemes in Russian letters
29) Memory as vector graphics
30) Languages and sexuality
31) Languages and war
32) Motivation
33) Languages and children
34) Dictionaries
35) Physical health and brain
36) All channels of perception (modalities)
37) Bilingualism


Discussions | Просмотров: 947 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.15 | Комментарии (0)

To Have or to Be or to Do etc…

What associations come to your mind when you hear modal verbs? There can exist a typology of people. People of Must, people of Can, people of Need and so on… Erich Fromm began to deal with that in his book «Haben oder Sein» (To Have or to Be).

Must: Immanuel Kant and Joseph Stalin. Army, war and preparing to war. Clear streets, no beggars. Prisons and schools.

Can: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford. Creativity and accomplishment.

Could: Gorbachev. World of lost opportunities and pieces of advice that are never followed.

May: Permissions, democracy, soft promises (that never come true).

Might: Not taking responsibility. Soft regrets about lost opportunities.

Will: Prediction of future, willingness, fantasies, emotions, spontaneity.

Shall: Oracle, procurator, public prosecutor, fate, doom, commandments. Prescriptive grammar.

Do: Everyday work. Brezhnev’s socialism. Zimbronia's grammar lessons. Invisible but omnipresent activity.

Do: Instructions, accounting, codes, order.

Need: Beggars, poverty, lack of freedom.

Should: Strong prescriptions. Self-assured pieces of advice. No privacy.

Would: preferences, past and rather pleasant routine, readiness to activity and cooperation that usually don't happen.

Dare: Recklessness, risk, fear, adventures, gambling, duels, impudence, real freedom of speech.

Have: Results, money, being old, bankers, exploitation, today's capitalism, necessity to do unpleasant things.

Be: existence here and now, emotions, reality, beauty, parades, demonstrations, effective studying, readiness to future existence.

Want: Sex and games, restaurants, traveling, bread and spectacles, entertainment, laziness and boredom.

Discussions | Просмотров: 1043 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.13 | Комментарии (0)

Do we want feminism?

What about duty of men to defend women? What about duty of men to defend their country?

“Men defending women - thing of the past only needed in working class circles. In middle class and upper class circles this is not needed at all and many women these days can defend themselves. As for defending the country in the future that will be done with drones; and as I said why can't you have women tank drivers and fighter pilots? Why should only men risk their lives? Over here most middle and upper class people are incapable realistically of defending their country or a woman, they are wimps with a brain. Look, if our own Queen can train as a mechanic and repair vehicles to help the war effort, what is anyone else's excuse? Here we had a then royal princess training to do a working class man's job, and she actually did it. She actually volunteered to do it.”

1. Is feminism a punishment for women?
2. If yes, should we punish women for feminism with feminism?
3. Is there need of men's job in our world?
The world is build of air conditioners, political correctness a right grammar, isn't it? Or is it build of concrete, oil and harsh work?
4. Killing people is a very easy thing if it is done with drones. So that is how it should be done. Killing is like playing computer games. Every woman can do it, cannot she?
5. Elites don't need to learn harsh reality of our life. It is for common people. Why not?
6. Women do not need to be women and men to be men. Unisex is the best way of existence. Why not?
7. Even a queen can play a miner for some time. This her work equals to the work of miners, so miners should not complain about their difficult life.


Discussions | Просмотров: 950 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.11 | Комментарии (0)

Everything that seems to be interesting

We can talk about everything that seems to be interesting. We can start from universal questions like:


1. Did something interesting happen to you today?

2. Did new thoughts come to your mind recently?

3. How do you fight boredom?

4. Do you have some projects to accomplish? Tell us about them.

5. How much free time did you have today? How much free time do you usually have?

Discussions | Просмотров: 1051 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.07 | Комментарии (0)

Here you can buy our programs

Programs | Просмотров: 1090 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.04

Can a native speaker help us with our pronunciation?

Q: What do you generally do at such discussions?

Ilya: Last time we shared tips and did exercises. We still have to discuss some of tips, then talk about IPA and phonemes, about dialects, ultimate reduction and clarity, about instruments, phonetics and phonology, share our experience and talk about whatever you want.

Q: Is there anyone with perfect pronunciation to guide all the others?

Ilya: no

QQ: sorry to interfere with your conversation, and by no means want to sound rude, but how do you know that you are doing well, unless there is some professional to judge your performance?

Q: That's exactly my point. This area of the language seems to be the most difficult to master (without a teacher).

Ilya: You can ask the same question about everything what is done in the club...

Discussions | Просмотров: 988 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.03 | Комментарии (0)

Programs | Просмотров: 959 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.03 | Комментарии (0)

Why do we study English?

1. Why do we study English?
2. Is it a good idea to immigrate to UK?
3. Is it a good idea to immigrate to any other English speaking country?

4. Do all Brits think that all Russians are bunch of thieving immoral law breaking hooligans and don't want them in UK?

5. Who are more barbarian, Brits or Russians?

6. What is awaiting Europe?
7. What is awaiting Russia?

8. What makes a good English teacher?
9. Do native really distinguish between man and men?

Discussions | Просмотров: 990 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.03 | Комментарии (0)

Videos | Просмотров: 960 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.03 | Комментарии (0)

Mysticism of grammar

Considering modal verbs, subjunctive mood and other stuff like that… I was asked a question, what can be discussed about the Subjunctive mood? I answered, about everything at what you react emotionally. And what can be emotional in grammar? It was a very interesting question. There is some life in grammar. But what is it? I think that there is some mystical point of view at grammar. Does anybody want to talk about mysticism of grammar?

1) Tense, Aspect, Mood (mode) and modals
2) Pictures, and feelings, and energy of feelings and hypnotizing power of words
3) Moods as realms
4) Modals verbs as gods
5) Grammar, Mathematics, Universe and God
6) Chemistry and psychology
7) To have or to be? To do, to have or to be? The power of this question
8) “Never to have, never to be and only to do” and Russian mentality


Discussions | Просмотров: 1018 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.03 | Комментарии (0)


1) Nationalism vs Fascism and Nazism
2) Economic roots
3) Psychohistorical roots
4) WW I – the first global civil war of elites against their own nations, their own men
5) WW I as a perverted (sadistic) sexual fantasy of elites
6) WW II – the revenge of masculinity
7) Nazism and Capitalism – competition without responsibility
8) Nazism vs Jews
9) Nazism vs Russians
10) Nazism vs Men (Feminism)
11) Nazism vs Communism
12) Nazism and Democracy
13) Democracy vs Totalitarianism
14) Nazism vs Christianity
15) Nazism and sexual perversions
16) Adam Smith, Darwin and Nazism
17) Nazism, Oedipus and suicidal national projects
18) Definition of Nazism


Discussions | Просмотров: 1028 | Добавил: IlyaShalnov | Дата: 2014.11.03 | Комментарии (0)





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