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Business, work and money

Business, work and money

Can we create our own business?

1) What is more natural for you: to build your own hierarchy to head it, or to enter an already existing one and make carrier in it?
2) Is everybody able to create his (her) own business?
3) Do we need start capital to start new business? Do we need special education?
4) Is it enough to be motivated? Is it necessary? Can we motivate ourselves?
5) Is it necessary to believe in success? Is it sufficient?
6) Will institutes teach you how to become an entrepreneur? Can professors teach you things they don't know? Will anybody ever want to teach you how to become a master?
7) Can a gentleman be a businessman?
8) Is it a good business strategy to offer a society what the society needs most of all? Or is it the only good strategy to satisfy already formed demands?
9) From what should we start? From producing, from selling, from creating one's image, from making relations?

Can money make you happy?

1) Do you earn money mainly for wealth or for respect or self-respect?
2) Can the real value of a person be measured by money he (or she) makes?
3) Does big money make our life simpler or more difficult?
4) Do you prefer to work to gain what you want or would you prefer to get everything without efforts?
5) What is more important for you, unlimited consumption or creative work?
6) How much money does your favorite art demand? How much do people of other professions need for doing the work they love?
7) Does money corrupt?
8) Is it possible to make everyone rich?
9) Is it important for you to be richer than your neighbors?
10) Can the richness be measured by possibility to not think about money at all?
11) Is money a universal tool for resolving all kind of problems?


1) What is more important today, high quality of the product or just advertising and public relations?
2) What is the main target of effective advertisement, consciousness or the unconscious? Is it good to manipulate the unconscious of buyers?
3) Do good things need advertising?
4) What way does annoying, aggressive, everlasting advertisement affect our society?
5) Would you wish to ban the television advertisement?
6) Must the advertisement of tobacco and alcohol be banned? What about medicine?
7) What do you think of spam? It is legal. Is it immoral?

Do you want to start your own business?

1) Will you prefer to build your own hierarchy to head it or to enter an already existing one?
2) Do you think that business means easy money and additional free time for oneself?
3) Is it possible to earn big money, or can big money be only made?
4) Doing our business should we be socially responsible? Do we have to worry of ecology, of comfort of our workers, of our clients' comfort and so on?
5) Can a fair gentleman be a businessman? Is it is impossible to be both, what would you prefer?
6) Don’t you think it is dangerous to be a rich man?

Chiefs and Subordinates

1) Do you like to be led, to obey? Do you like to lead, to command?
2) Does being subordinate mean one's inferior social status? Does it mean being inferior?
3) The salary of a boss is usually higher than the salary of juniors? Should it always be so?
4) Do you always try to control the work of your staff, or is it only the result what interests you?
5) Do you allow your chief to interfere with your work?
6) Do you try to do everything by yourself or do you try to pass everything to subordinates?
7) Isn't it risky to give your subordinates all means of management and control?

The Crisis

1) Is it a play of forces of nature or is it being done deliberately by some group of people?
2) Don't you feel that the media promotes the crisis?
3) Who is responsible?
4) What should be done?
5) Isn't it your personal responsibility?
6) The Great Depression coincided with the uprise of fascism? Was it just a coincidence? Is there happening something similar today?
7) What is awaiting Russia?
8) What is awaiting the USA?
9) What is awaiting you? Do you have some special plans?

Entrepreneurship - Responsibility and Guilt

1) Are poor people poor because they deserve to be poor?
2) Is it a duty of society to support the weak?
3) If some misfortune has stricken a person, can we say that that has happened because of the wrong way of life he (she) had chosen?
4) Acknowledging your foolishness isn't the only way to become smarter?
5) If a person excuses his (her) mischance by circumstances, does it mean that he (she) looks for excuses instead of looking for opportunities?
6) Are we responsible for others or are we responsible only for our own lives? Are others responsible for our life?
7) Spending your time for the benefit of the society isn't a betrayal of your own interests and interests of your family?
8) Isn't it the only real way to contribute to the society, to become successful himself (herself)?
9) Workaholics are sons of toil or are they those who, because of their laziness, ready to do eternal stupid work instead of thinking, how to improve their lives?

Entrepreneurship and Comfort

1) Does having successful business mean comfort for everybody?
2) If someone has successful busyness and still feels uncomfortable, does it mean that something is wrong with him?
3) Can a poor person be happy?
4) Can a hungry man have spiritual needs?
5) If you want to have a good family, do you need a lot of money for that?
6) Whose work is more difficult, specialists' or entrepreneurs'?
7) What would you prefer, comfort of success? What would an advanced person choose?

Entrepreneurship and Freedom

1) Is it right that there is no possibility in our life but to be either master or slave?
2) Can a person, who spends eight hours a day on work he (she) does not like, be considered a free person? What about three hours a day? One hour a day?
3) If you work for somebody else and not for yourself, can you be considered a free person?
4) Is being free your right or your duty? Neither right, nor duty?
5) Are entrepreneurs real masters in our life? Who are real masters?

Entrepreneurship and Status

1) Does an employee deserve to be respected? He is a subordinate person, isn't he? Why did he choose to be a subordinate and not a master?
2) If somebody agrees to work for small salary, does it mean that he does not deserve respect?
3) Entrepreneurs or specialists, who are the real experts in our life?
4) Due to whose efforts our society makes progress?
5) If you don't create your own business, does it mean that your world outlook is wrong?
6) If you are so clever show me your money. Is it a correct proverb?
7) Must we respect a person for what he (she) is doing, or don't only real results deserve respect?
8) Can a real value of a person be measured by salary he (she) earns?


1) To make our positive image should we present our real advantages or does the image have nothing to do with the reality?
2) Will people appreciate your degrees if you don't present them?
3) Must we be modest, unpretentious, retiring?
4) Is it wise to declare your merits in open way, like that: I am a great master of conceptual, logical, and motivational analysis?
5) Who are better image-makers, men or women?
6) "Woman" is a brand, isn't it? What about "man"?
7) What qualities of a man or a woman will be demanded first of all, intellect, beauty, strength, successfulness, belonging to elite, inner freedom?..
8) Should we rely upon our own prestige and authority, or is it better to use already promoted brands?
Example 1: I am smart because I have created my own programming language.
Example 2: I am smart because I have a big number of diplomas and I am a recognized NLP practitioner and expert?

9) What should we do to become an expert in image-making, to read special books or just to act as we feel?
10) Which respect is more valuable, respect of thousands of stupid people or respect of some intelligent ones?

Money and self-respect

1) Do you need to earn money to prove others and yourself that you can do it? What matters more, wealth or respect and self-respect?
2) Can the real value of the person be measured by money he earns?
3) Do you prefer to work to gain what you want or you would prefer to get everything without efforts?
4) What is more interesting, pleasant, honorable and unlimited consuming or creative work?
5) How much money does your favorite art demands? How much money do you need to do your favorite work?
6) Do people need money to start their own business?
7) Does money corrupt?
8) Is it important for you to be richer than your neighbors?
9) Is money a universal tool to resolve all kind of problems?
10) Which respect is more valuable, the respect of thousands of stupid people or the respect of some intelligent ones?

Money and comfort

1) Does big money make our life simpler or more difficult?
2) Do you prefer to work to gain what you want or you would prefer to get everything without efforts?
3) What is more interesting and pleasant, unlimited consuming or creative work?
4) How much money your favorite art demands?
5) Does money corrupt?
6) Is it possible to make everyone rich? Will it be possible to find a parking place for your car then?
7) Is it important for you to be richer than your neighbors?
8) Can the richness be measured by possibility not to think about money at all?
9) Is money a universal tool to resolve all kind of problems?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Kiyosaki is becoming popular, but what do we want ourselves?

1) Do you want to never work and to have a lot of money, never feeling ashamed for such a situation?
2) Do you really want to have a lot of money? It is dangerous to be rich, isn't it?
3) To which of "The Four Cash Flow Quadrants" would you prefer to belong?


4) Let us talk about other opportunities

~Do you want to belong to elite, to be one of those who write laws and print money?
~Do you want to be a free artist?
~What about becoming a gambler? (roulette gambler, stock market gambler, cards player)

He (Robinson Crusoe's father) bid me observe it, and I should always find that the calamities of life were shared among the upper and lower part of mankind; but that the middle station had the fewest disasters and was not exposed to so many vicissitudes as the higher or lower part of mankind.

Work and motivation

1) What do you work for?
2) Is it possible to be happy at work, or is happiness possible only after the work?
3) What is work for you first of all, the movement to results or a joy of the process itself?
4) Do you prefer to build your own structure (hierarchy) to head it or to enter a hierarchy which has already been built by somebody else to make career in it?
5) If you were given only one day of life remained what would you do? One month? One year?
6) Do you prefer to work in collective; or is it more comfortable for you to work alone? Why?
7) Imagine you can work two hours a day as a simple worker. Would you take that opportunity?
8) Do you try to adjust yourself to work or try to find work more suitable for you?
9) Alcoholic or workaholic, or sexaholic, what is better, what is worse? Where else can we get our drive and kaif? Where else can we "get off"?
10) What is more important for you, money or freedom?
11) If your work is not interesting for you but you are still working, can you be called a free person?

Work and self-organizing

1) If your productivity should become a little bit lower, would anything terrible happen? What terrible thing can happen in that very case?
2) Can you afford yourself to take your time for all what you do? Do you ever hurry?
3) Can you work nonstop without getting tired, like your heart works?
4) Having come home do you ever forget about your job?
5) Some religions (like Christianity or Judaism) require from you not to work one day a week. Do you obey that requirement?
7) If you are lying in bed making your plans, can it be called working?
8) If you don't want to work right now what will be your choice? Will you try to force yourself or will you wait till readiness to work has come by itself?
9) What is more natural for you, making agreements with yourself or direct ordering yourself? What are advantages and disadvantages of each of these strategies?

Work and social status

1) If someone works overtime, does it mean that he is not competent enough to finish his work in time?
2) Can we measure the social value of a person by salary he (she) gets?
3) What is the cause of unemployment? Peoples’ unwillingness to work? Laziness? Something else?
4) Who are workaholics? Are they laborious people? Are they lazy people, who prefer to do a lot of primitive, but simple work instead of thinking and planning their own lives?
5) Can we call a person who most of the time does unloved work a free person? Does he (she) deserve to be respected?
6) What determines the social status of a person, if not the results of his (her) work?

Working and Studying

1) Are working and studying the same for you? Should we take them apart or should we intertwine them?
2) Should studying be something like work or something like a play? Which way of studying is more effective?
3) Do institutes give us real specialties? What do they give us apart from diplomas?
4) Who do institutes train, servants or masters? Who would you prefer to be?
5) Does it pay its way, the time people spend to studying foreign languages?
6) Do you prefer to organize your studying by yourself or to find a teacher (a coach) who will do it for you?
7) How can we use the time in transport?
8) What profession will become the most demanded in the nearest future?


1) What is your uniqueness? Do you need to be unique? Hope, you are not too shy or too modest to answer this question.
2) What is more important, form or content? Interface or functionality?
3) Is modesty a virtue? What about immodesty?
4) What is written on your banner?
5) Is it necessary to be clever, rich, beautiful, being properly dressed? What is more important for women? What is more important for men?
6) Are you a busy person? Do you have free time?
7) When you meet new people how do you present yourself? Do you show WHAT you are or WHO you are? Do you show your social status, your personal status or your games and your interests? Diplomas? Position? What else?
8) Is it natural and sufficient for you to be an employee?
9) Nonverbal communication: what is important for us in it?
10) Voice, diction, manners… Do we need to work on them?
11) Do you have your personal site? Do you need it?
12) Should we manipulate people trying always to get from them what we need? Do you like people who behave like doctor House?
13) How can we become not afraid of people and begin to communicate?
14) Is sexual freedom necessary for self-presentation?
15) What do we need to learn for effective self-presentation? Do we need psychological knowledge, auto-hypnosis, something else?

How to motivate someone to buy something

1) On what emotions should we base our motivation, on positive or on negative?
2) Is it easy to sell something really new or is it better to sell a little improved things?
3) What is easier to sell, fish or a fishing rod?
4) On what should we rely, on marketing researches or on our own intuition?
5) Is it possible to sell things people really need? Need and demand are not the same, are they?
6) To what part of people's mind should we appeal, to rational or irrational?
7) What is more important, design or content?
8) Some people want to get rid of money, don't they? Should we take that fact into account?
9) Can intelligent people be successful sellers? Or is it necessary to become manipulators for that?
10) "Many people buy our products!" It is the main winning argument! Is it an argument for you?
11) Should you feel any respect to the buyer?
12) Sometimes you see uncleared snow in front of private shops. How can it be so? Why don't the owners of the shop always hurry to clear it?
13) Should you show a buyer that you are interested in him?

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