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Is sexism the only normal way of thinking?

Is sexism the only normal way of thinking?

1) Women and men are different. Don't you agree with that?
2) Women are superior to men in some aspects. For instance, women bring children. Don't you agree with that?
3) Women can be superior to men in some other aspects. Can you name them?

4) Taking into account that women are superior to men at least in one very important aspect, there remain only two things to presume: (1) Men are superior to women in other aspects and so both genders are very important and presumably equal or (2) Men are superior to women in no aspect at all and so they are inferior creatures. Are there any other ways of thinking?

5) The only humane presumption is that both genders are very important and valuable. And so, men are better than women in some aspects as well as women are better than men in some other aspects.

6) In what areas, do you thing, men are superior to women?

7) Can a woman respect men as men if she believes that men are inferior creatures?
8) Can a woman love men if she does not respect them?
9) Can a man have self-respect as a man if he believes that there is no superiority of his sex (while females are obviously superior in some very important aspects).
10) Can a woman love a man who does not respect himself?

11) Who needs do destroy male's self-respect? Is it done nowadays? For what purpose is it done?
12) Is feminism good for women?
13) Do you really believe that feminism is all about equal rights?
14) What can we say about people who believe that feminism is about equal rights?

15) If someone group of people have more rights and less responsibilities it is obviously unfair. Isn’t it?
16) Can a society be fair if some its members have more rights and more responsibilities at the same time?

Sexism or gender discrimination:
…is prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender. Sexist’s attitudes may stem from traditional stereotypes of gender roles, and may include the belief that a person of one sex is intrinsically superior to a person of the other.

1) the practice of treating somebody or a particular group in society less fairly than others.
2) the ability to recognize a difference between one thing and another; a difference that is recognized.

The right definition of the word discrimination is the second one. The first one is rather a political slang. So, only idiots don't discriminate between men and women as only color blind people don't discriminate between red and green.

There is another "feminist’s" manipulative logic. You say “men and women are different”? So, you discriminate between men and women. So you support discrimination. Discrimination is prejudice. You are a sexist, you are a fascist.

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