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1) How do you understand the word “psychopath”?
2) Are psychopaths necessarily selfish? Are selfish people necessarily psychopaths?
3) Is it bad to be selfish?
4) Psychopathy, selfishness and need to attract attention. How do they correlate?
5) How much attention do we need to attract?
6) Psychological problems and psychopathy. Can there be problems without psychopathy? Can there be psychopathy without problems?
7) Is it bad to be a deviated person? Why?
8) How do you like this strategy: If you are suffering from an inner conflict which you are not able to resolve alone, bring your trouble to the public attention and discuss it?
9) Is it better to go to a shrink (analyst)? Is it better to discuss it with friends?
10) Is our global world neurotic, as Fromm once suggested? Is it even psychopathic? Or is it basically healthy?
11) What kind of psychopathy became a “norm” nowadays?
12) Are we hated or loved? If somebody feels presence of hatred, is it a kind of mental hallucination?
13) What about feeling of being loved?
14) Is something wrong with you if you feel that the life is revolving around you?

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