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ListenRecordSay - Working on pronunciation


Download ListenRecordSay

It is a pay-program. Write to my e-mail to buy it ilyashalnov@yandex.ru

Working on pronunciation

This program is for improving pronunciation. It can also be used as a common video-player for watching movies and listening to music.

The main principle is that. You watch movie then with one click stop it and start to record yourself. Then with one click you listen to your recording of yourself. Then with one click you play new fragment of movie. Sometimes you only stop movie and repeat after the speaker without recording yourself. Sometimes you record yourself and listen to yourself from outside.

You don’t need to click many times and all the time to answer questions like “Do you want to save your recording?” Nothing distracts you from your work: only you and the language you are studying.

Download ListenRecordSay

As a common player

The program is portable. You can just put its exe-file into a folder with your media-files and it will add media-files to its list and will start to play them by turns. You can randomize or sort your media-files. Next time you run the program it will play the movie from the place where it was stopped before. And there are other useful options.

Working with subtitles

The program shows subtitles and parallel (additional) subtitles. Subtitles are played as a common text - it is one of available options. If it is shown as a common text, doubleclick on a word will send it to clipboard where it can be caught by any dictionary that works with clipboard. You can change transparency of the subtitles.

You can also:

1) To move directly from subtitle to subtitle
2) Play only parts of the movie where people speak and skip the parts of it where they are silent
3) Use additional delay after every subtitle
4) Edit subtitles
5) Go from sub to sub with corresponding picture without playing the movie
6) Fit subtitles to the video

Subtitles are connected to the movie if you place the file of subtitles (*.srt) with the same name as the movie but with different extension into the same folder. To connect the text-file "MyVideo.srt" to the video-file "MyVideo.mp4" just put the file "MyVideo.srt" into the same folder with "MyVideo.mp4".

Working with texts

The same way as with subtitles you can connect a txt-file. It is convenient when you work with a sound-file and the transcript to it. To connect the text-file "MyAudio.txt" to the audio-file "MyAudio.mp3" just put the file "MyAudio.txt" into the same folder.

If you check "Smart mouse" you will go from sentence to sentence (highlighting the sentence) by using the mouse wheel. If you press the mouse wheel and scroll it, it will scroll the movie, not the text.

Playing, Recording, Repeating, Rewinding

Everything is done with three buttons of the mouse:

1) Left button -- pause or play
2) Doubleclick -- rewinding back to some seconds (2 seconds by default)
3) Mouse wheel -- going forward or backward (2 seconds by default) (if the text is open then the wheel must be pressed)
4) Middle button -- the same as left button (pause or play)
5) Right button -- recording or playing our own voice

Slowing down the rate of the movie

If you play mp4 or mp3 files you can slow down video or audio. It is sometimes very convenient when you work on your pronunciation. You can also slow down wav-files if you have proper codecs installed in your system. When new codecs are developed, ListenRecordSay will be able to slow down other types of video. You won't even need to install a new version of ListenRecordSay for that.

On the other hand, speeding up is very convenient when you listen to people who speak very slowly. You spare much time and then it is not so boring to listen to slow speakers.

Download ListenRecordSay

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