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Ilya: Hi Cliff. Hi everybody! There are four sentences here. I think the first two are correct from grammatical point of view. What about the last two?

1) If I had studied English better I would travel to London now.
2) If I had studied English better, but I didn’t, I would travel to London now.
3) If I had studied English better, but I haven’t, I would travel to London now.
4) If I had studied English better, but I hadn’t, I would travel to London now.

Cliff Hulcoop: An average bloke would consider all 4 to be ok

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The Request and the Answer?

A message is one of our groups:

Mister-Twitter: I recommend you seeing “Betoolot” series. Just saw 10 series and can't find more. It's an Israeli criminal thriller, which is quite good and shows true Israeli characters.

Some days ago I watched "Betoolot" and "Ananda". I liked "Ananda" more BTW. Now "Podonki" is next in turn. I didn’t find any more series in Hebrew even though I was looking for them.

I think those series can be interesting only to those who speak Hebrew.. I watched it mainly for Hebrew. I just wanted to recall it a little.

The message of Mister-Twitter was not even given to me personally. Probably it was given to Olga who is thinking about learning Hebrew. But what is interesting in that message?


So, what is so interesting here? I got this information when I had already found it myself. And it is a very common story. Good advice comes to me when I have already found the answer myself and don’t need it any more. What can explain this magic situation?

First explanation: Messages come to me all the time but I ignore and forget them. I did not ignore that particular link because I already knew what this movie was about.

Second explanation: Some hints began to come to me. I was ignoring them consciously, but subconsciously became active and found the answer myself. The group itself (the one for polyglots) suggests that kind of searching activity. It stimulates that search in me and in others so the hints and answers come almost simultaneously to me and others.

Third explanation: It can be the answer to my request. I was looking for something like that and so some kind of a request was sent to the world (to people). Here is the answer.

Forth explanation: People around me are competitive and evil and so are not able to give me good advice when I need it. When I don’t need it any more then they give it to me just to show how smart they are.

Fifth explanation: It has nothing to do with me at all. It was just a coincidence. I pay attention to that kind of coincidences and now have a collection of them. I think the world revolves around me and pay attention to things that are of no importance and significance. Coincidences happen all the time to all people. Someone buys a winning lotto ticket. Many people buy many tickets. One of them will be lucky. Just statistics and no miracles. Nothing personal.

Can someone think of some more explanations?

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About this site

This site is about how to study foreign languages.

You can find here pay and free programs, topics for discussions for our Skype Communication Club, articles and videos about how to study foreign languages.

Want to join our communication club? My Skype is ilyashalnov. When you ask me to add you to my contact list, just let me know that you are interested in our club and you are not a bot.

A big number of computer programs and articles about methods of studying foreign languages you can find on our Russian site http://shalnov-school.ru

Ilya Shalnov


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