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Pronunciation seminars program

Pronunciation seminars program

Computer programs and organizing the work

) Computer programs for working on pronunciation
) Organizing the work (mocking, reading with recording, reading aloud)
) Materials for working
) Stretching the sounds


) International Phonetic Alphabet and tongue position.
) Restrictions of the IPA chart approach
) What is softness of Russian vowels. Main Russian vowels and allophones.
) Phonetic clock: lax and tense vowels, oppositions in General American.


) Acoustics, articulation, phonology
) What is phoneme? Different approaches. Diaphonemes.
) What are letters?

Changing Russian speech 1

) Throaty pronunciation and how to catch it. High and low throaty pronunciations. Phonetic smile (no roundness), openness of mouth and economy of breath. Throaty pressure.
) Relaxation. Lax speech. As a drunken man.
) Nasal speech.
) Ch-resonator. Tip of the tongue position: ch, t, d, l, n.
) Half soft speech

Changing Russian speech 2 – music of English

) Two types of stress organization: syllabic and tonic.
) Stress interval in English
) Syllabic stresses in English – reduction, contractions, pauses.


) Four types of stresses in English and their difference from Russian stresses.
) Types of long vowels (doubled sounds, surrounding, logical stress).
) How to play with stresses (unstressed speech, only dynamic, only pitch, only length)
) Diphthongization: can, bad
) All kind of stops

American vs British

) Pronunciation of R before consonants
) Words like ask, grasp, fast
) Ringing t in words like better, butter.
) Pronunciation of u: future, nude.
) man vs men
) Monophthongization in American: air, fire
) Phonetic smile in American
) American open, written

) Nasality ???
) Stops ???
) British cop to cup ???
) British cup to coop ???
) British cat to cut ???
) British take to tike ???
) British dog to dock ???
) British autumn

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