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Experimental Pronunciation Group

Experimental Pronunciation Group

On Wednesdays and Sundays at 19.00 (Moscow Time)

I would want to have at least four participants and Cliff (6 people including me). If you are ready to study English pronunciation you are welcome. It has to be serious work. You should plan to participate regularly. Everything can happen in the future but your intention for now should be to participate regularly. I don't know how many seminars it will take. Probably six or more.

In that group (if we have enough participants) we will discuss pronunciation secrets and tips. We are also going to discuss the basic phonological stuff. But the main work that has to be done you will do by yourself.

We will also talk about where to find materials to listen. We will discuss our current pronunciation. We can listen to each other, correct each other, share and discuss tips and suggestions.

You will get my programs for working on pronunciation (for free). And you are encouraged to try and find better programs and share information about them. Try to find really good programs and other resources!

Your everyday homework should be like that:

1. You repeat the material of the last seminar. It means you try to work on the tips given to you last time.
2. Using our programs you listen to samples of native speech and try to imitate it. You do it this way: listen to a native, record yourself, and listen to yourself. Over and over again.
3. You read text aloud. You try to read it like an actor, like a BBC or VOA announcer. You record yourself and listen to yourself from time to time.
4. You just read a text aloud (like an actor) without recording yourself.

It all will take about an hour a day or a little more.

Everyday work is essential (except weekends) . The group is not just about satisfying your curiosity; it is about serious work. You will improve your pronunciation. You will improve your ear for phonetics. How much? Nobody can say it now. Let us see.

Your reading aloud will definitely improve your fluency.

If you want to participate, let me know: add me to your contact list if you are not in it yet. I will add you to Real-Talk-Club group. All the details will be discussed in it.

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