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Free time

1) Do you have free time? Do you need it?
2) Do you want to become a workaholic and to devote the most part of your life to your work?
3) Why can people so easily say that they don't have free time, while nobody is proud of not having free money?
4) Do you spend your free time for self-development?
5) Having come home after work, can you forget about all needs and duties and just to relax?
6) How do you relax?
7) Would you like to have more acquaintances?


1) Are drugs the absolute evil? Can they be used for something positive, not only for self-destruction?
2) Alcohol is also a drug. Coffee and nicotine are also psychedelics. Should the state forbid drinking, smoking, and coffee? What about the advertising of alcohol and tobacco?
3) Did you ever try drugs? Would you try some drug if you were given an opportunity?
4) Have you ever seen to what drug addiction leads? What was your impression?
5) Are all drugs addictive? Which addiction stronger, physical or psychological?
6) Is it right that one who has tried it only once will inevitably want to try it once more?
7) Can some drugs open a door to unknown realms of our psyches?
8) Is it a good idea to legalize soft drugs? What about legalization of all kind of drugs?
9) Does the state have a right to intervene in our lives and dictate us what we may do and what we may not?
10) Having to choose between solitude and drugs, what will a teenager choose?
11) Will it be so bad if the most defective part of the population dies out because of drug usage?
12) What is the war against drugs in reality? Is it a real war or just an advertisement of drugs? Do states really interested in extinguishing narcomafia?
13) The air is also a drug, isn't? Can it be used as a drug?

What would you do if you became almost omnipotent?

1) Would you take power into your hands?
2) Would you try to change something in our world?
3) Would you ask God any questions?
4) Would you punish bad guys?
5) What would you do for pleasure, for entertainment?
6) Would you like to live forever? What could your paradise be like?
7) What games would you play?
8) Would you travel into the past or into the future?
9) Who would you like to talk with?

Animal experimentation

1) -- It is necessary to experiment on animals if we want to develop medical science and new drugs. If we don’t test drugs on animals we have to test them on humans. Is it normal to test drugs on men, women, children? What about testing on criminals?
1) -- Who said that human rights are more sacred than animal rights? If humans want to experiment on somebody, let them experiment on themselves.
2) -- There exist human ways of experimenting: avoiding unnecessary experiments, using anesthesia, creating good conditions for experimental animals and so on.
2) -- On practice it won’t work. If people are permitted to do experiments on animals, there will be unnecessary experiments, cruel experiments, bad conditions, and so on.
3) -- If we are going to protect animal rights, we have first to forbid slaughter of animals that is practiced always and everywhere.
3) -- Animal experiments are more disgusting than slaughter.
4) -- Experiments on animals protect humans from a lot of suffering. If you have drugs you can save children, if you don’t have drugs, children will die.
4) -- Whether you will be healthy or not depends on your karma. If you managed to avoid suffering one way, you will suffer another way. If you do evil, by experimenting on animals, you will have to pay for that.
5) -- The only way to develop science and medicine and prolong human life is making experiments on animals and then on humans.
5) -- First we experiment on animals, then on human embryos, then we practice transplantation, then we buy organs from people who suffer from poverty, then we sentence criminals to death to take their organs, then we buy organs of people killed in other countries, then we kill people for their organs. We have to stop those practices from the beginning!

If you believe in evolution it is only because you chose to believe instead of thinking by yourself!

1) We mustn't believe in science, in professors! They have proved that they would confirm everything their masters want them to.
2) No sane person will ever subsidize experiments for creating any life. So nobody really believes that the life appeared by itself.
3) Genes actually are programs like computer programs. The idea that programs can be written with method of random mutations and selection is obviously absurd.
4) There is no explanation to the lack of fossils of transitional forms (half bovines half whales for example).
5) There is no explanation why millions of species have only tens of ancestors. So we very often see that only one of millions species was able to start new branch, while others were not.
6) There is no explanation to why new features developed even though they were absolutely useless at the moment of their appearance.
7) All the history of the theory of evolution is a history of things that later proved to be wrong, like mammals descended from reptiles.
8) Hypothesis that evolutions can be seen in the world of bacteria also proved to be wrong. What we see is just a selection of resistant forms which were always present in gene pool of bacteria.
9) The death of all organisms can't be explained. If everything is a question only of selection and mutation then there would have been immortal species.
10) Instead of scientific discussions evolutionists "prove" the existence of evolution by creating very "persuading" movies and cartoons.
11) So called theory of evolution has always been one of main instruments of Nazis and others of that kind.
12) The theory of evolution is a derivation of the economical theory of Adam Smith which proved to be very simplistic and wrong.

Dogs and cats

1) Do you like dogs or cats? Do you have one? Have you ever had?
2) Are men similar to cats or to dogs? Are women similar to cats or to dogs?
3) Why don’t dogs and cats like each other?
4) Do you think they are happy to live with us?
5) How intelligent are they? Who are more intelligent dogs or cats? Are they as intelligent and sensitive as people? Can they really love or are their emotions different from those of people? Do you understand them?
6) Do they have their ethics?
7) In what aspects are they better than humans?
8) Is it OK to beat dogs or cats?
9) What personal characteristics do cat lovers and dog lovers have? Who rule our state?
10) Should having a big dog be restricted like having a weapon? Do you believe that some breeds are more dangerous than others?
11) Are you afraid of dogs? Have you ever been bitten by a dog? How big was your damage?
12) What should be the responsibility of dog owners? Should owners of big dogs pay insurance tax?
13) The Orthodox Church is against having dogs at home? What do you think of it?
14) Some people hate people but love animals. What do you think of them?
15) Is it a good idea to have pets instead of children?
16) What do you think of idea to learn being a boss by having a dog and bossing it?

Where and how can we rest and entertain in Moscow?

1) Where can we go in Moscow if we have free time for ourselves?
2) Do you go to the theaters or to the cinemas?
3) What about marches? What about picnics?
4) What about sports?
5) Do you know any interesting clubs?
6) Do you know any interesting sects?
7) Do you visit any seminars?
8) Do you visit your friends? How do you spend your time with them?
9) Have you ever traveled around Moscow as foreign tourists do?
10) Do you have your favorite cafes or restaurants?
11) Do you walk in parks?


1) How much time do you spend on TV? What kind of broadcasts do you like?
2) Do you try to find some interesting TV-programs in internet? In youtube, for instance?
3) There are pretty many people in TV: Гордон, Дуня Смирнова and Татьяна Толстая, Собчак, Соловьев, Кучер, Пушков, Хакамада, Нагиев, Дибров, Ханга, Лолита, Чехова, Малахов, Галкин. What kind of TV-leaders do you like?
4) In what kind of TV-shows would you like to participate? By the way, it is possible. Would you like to be a TV-announcer, reporter or journalist?
5) Does any censorship exist on TV? Should it exist?
6) Do astrologists, parapsychologists, magicians, hypnotizers, priests, extremists and terrorists have a right to cheat people?
7) Black PR. Are popular figures interested in that kind of PR? Would you be interested in it?
8) Do you like pop-music? Do you like rap? (It is popular today.) Do you like jazz? (It used to be popular.) Do you like soviet songs like "Русское поле" and "С чего начинается Родина"?
9) What will the future of TV be like?

The Count of Monte Cristo

1) Would you like to become a captain? Would you like to marry a beauty?
2) How will fourteen years of prison affect a man? Won't there be some permanent changes in his sole after that?
3) Is it a good idea to try to take revenge on your offenders?
4) Is it a good idea to forgive?
5) Would you like to taste emotions of successful revenge?
6) Do you like Count of Monte Cristo?
7) To become a really happy person, is it necessary to pass through misery and misfortune?
8) Do you believe in providence, in prayer, in God's desire to use you? Would you want it to be so?

Little Red Riding Hood

1) What really happened was a sexual adventure of a man and a woman; wasn't it?
2) For whom was the end of the story unhappy? Who was the victim?
3) Did everything happen by chance?
4) How did she manage to get him?
5) How can a man protect himself from Little Red Riding Hoods?
6) What is your favorite fairy tale? What is it about?

Master and Margarita

1) What images come to your mind when you recall Master and Margarita?
2) What characters of the book do you like? Who do you not like?
3) Do the events of those ancient days have something to do with today’s reality?
4) Is Woland the evil? Is he the Devil?
5) Is Yeshua God?
6) Would you like to be a witch (witcher)? Would you like to visit Moscow with Woland this way?
7) Is it a real joy for a woman, to fly over Moscow, being naked, and then meet guests the same way?
8) Was Master a real master? He was so dependent, wasn’t he?
9) Is it right that only very lonely people can love?
10) Was Margarita a moral creature? Do you like her?

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