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Dreams, magic

Dreams, magic


What are our dreams?
1) Are you sure you are not dreaming now? Perhaps you are sure, but why?
2) Do you have repeating dreams? Do you have dreams which continue previous ones?
3) Do you believe in fortune telling dreams? Do you know how to unriddle dreams?
4) Did dreams ever give you valuable information?
5) Is it possible to meet each other in dreams? Is it possible to find yourself in somebody else's dream?
6) Who are the beings we encounter in our dreams? Do they have their own life independent from us?
7) Dreams and death, don't they belong to the same realm? Is it possible to go into deep dream and never find way back?
8) Can our dreams influence the reality?
9) What about Freud? Are our dreams only reflections of our sexual fantasies?


1) Do you believe in vampires and goblins? What about energetic vampires? What about fortune-telling, hoodoo and other things of that kind?
2) Do you remember any miracles in your life?
3) Did you do spiritualistic experiments in your childhood?
4) If it happened to you to find yourself alone in the winter night in a desolated hut, wouldn't you feel some superstitious horror?
5) Can we believe in magic subconsciously? Do you have examples of such a belief?
6) Can dreams interfere with our reality? Can people have real meetings in dreams?
7) Do you believe in hypnosis?
8) Is shamanic practice only a madness; or is it a real contact with the reality unknown to modern people?
9) Can we use magic in our practical life? Can we use at least the belief in magic?

Mastering our dreams

1) Everyone is supposed to have dreams. Do you remember yours?
2) How do you know you are not dreaming now?
3) Have you ever had lucid dreams? (You are dreaming and understanding that you are dreaming)
4) What would you do in your lucid dream?
5) Dreams and death, don't they belong to the same realm?
6) Can we meet each other in our dreams? Can we enter dreams of others?
7) Is it possible to go into the dream and never come back?
8) How can we recall our dreams? Why is it so difficult sometimes?
9) Can you order dreams for yourself?
10) What should we do in case of nightmare?

If you could become a magic creature

1) If you could become a werewolf, what kind of a werewolf would you prefer to become?

~A polar bear?
~A killer whale or a cachalot?
~A lion?
~An elephant?
~A camel?
~An owl?
~A falcon?
~A seagull?
~A wolf?
~A bat?
~Something else?
2) Would you wish to become a vampire?
3) Would you like to be a forest spirit?
4) What about becoming a mermaid?
5) Would you like to become a witch?
6) Would you like to go to a witches' Sabbath?

Source: http://shalnov-school.ru/club-topics.html

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