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All governments call their power democratic; but can anybody tell us, what the real democracy is?
1) Democracy and slavery (servitude), can they coexist?
2) The government governs the media. The media provides the power with any results the power wants on election. So, whether the real democracy is possible at all? Isn't democracy only justification to every evil deeds for any evil government?
3) Has democracy ever worked? Is it working now anywhere?
4) Freedom of speech and freedom of entrepreneurship? Are they really good things?
5) In fact, even in so called democratic countries the power is passed as an inheritance; isn't it?
6) Compared with democracy, does monarchy have its advantages?
7) Can there exist any alternative to democracy nowadays?
8) Can we decide by voting who is right and who is wrong? If the majority should decide to call donkeys horses, would donkeys become horses?
9) Can democracy work in any business company? If companies can do without democracy, why should we consider democracy the only way of ruling?
10) Is a referendum a democratic procedure? If yes, why dictators like Hitler or Saddam Hussein so willingly used it?
11) Can unpopular but necessary arrangements be undertaken in democratic countries?
12) Has the freedom of speech any value in states where the power can easily ignore all kind of speeches?


Let's discuss its principles (they are opposite to the western ones)
1) Our needs must be moderated and we will be happier with the minimum we have.
2) Poverty can’t be eliminated but people are able to cope with it.
3) Being in conflicts is a normal and healthy state of people and nations. Find enemies and fight them.
4) Rich people are deviants, destructors, degenerates. We mustn't tolerate the existence of rich people. They are enemies of the nation and of the whole mankind.
5) Majority can't restrict themselves, so it must be restricted by constructive minority.
6) Deviations must be forbidden.
7) Democracy can't exist, there should be established a dictatorship of a constructive minority.
8) The universal way for all nations does not exist. Every society should have its own way of development.
9) Science can't give us answers to main questions. We have to do it ourselves.
10) Progress doesn't make our life more trouble-free, but it does destroy our environment, so...
11) The weak mustn't be supported - such support leads nations to degeneration.
12) Russia should become a leader of moderalistic revolution.

Here is a link to very controversial materials of Александр Бурьяк:

Russia and the West

Now we are proposing some controversial statements. Please, comment on them.
Is it so?
Is it about you?
Do you like this situation?
Who is better? What are advantages and disadvantages of our style of life?
Why did we choose our way?
1) The West is at work upon producing, consumption and strengthening its positions. -- Russia is always experimenting. It used to take after Germany in time of Peter the First, after France later. Now it is trying to become America. Will Russia ever succeed to become America?
2) Having to choose between conscience and law, Russians will choose conscience. -- Westerners will prefer law.
3) Russians work to earn their free time. -- Westerners use their free time to earn money. They plan to live eternal and rich life after getting retired.
4) Russians would choose collectivism, cooperation, dedication. -- Westerners would choose individualism, competition, defending their own interests.
5) The marriage for Russians is a love affair. -- For westerners it is some kind of a business by a contract.
6) Russians are friends who violate the rules of friendship. -- Westerners are enemies who seldom or never violate the rules of war. That is why their community is more stable.
7) Russians see their happiness in creative work. -- It is high level of consumption what makes westerners happy and self-confident.
8) Russians try to find the truth and the truth for them is an absolute and universal solution of all problems. -- Westerners practice psychoanalysis and never are absorbed with questions of truth and real justice.
9) Russians are open. -- Westerners are reticent, reserved.
10) Russians choose between monarchy and anarchy. -- Westerners choose democracy.
11) Not like westerners, -- Russians never try to choose effective leaders. In Russia those become leaders, who can impose their leadership by force, or those who are assigned by the power.
12) Russians exported the truth (as they saw it) and were responsible for others. -- Westerners just exploited their colonies.
13) Russian language is built around nouns and adjectives. -- English is built around verbs and adverbs: it has more tenses, so English speakers feel actions and results of their actions better than Russians, -- but Russians better than English speakers understand feelings and sex relations.
14) Russians can't live without acts of bravery. -- The westerners develop and use their techniques.
15) Russian sexuality is different from that of westerners, isn't it? What's the difference?
16) The West is afraid of Russians because Russian spirituality is of higher level. Russian mentality, being more human, is bound to win and so to destroy the primitive way of life of the western people.
17) Are Westerners afraid of Russians only because Russians always wanted to impose their power by force?

Should communism be condemned?

There may be many definitions of communism. Here we shall talk about the project Russians tried to embody after the Great October Socialist Revolution.

We have in our group:
1) Judge, who leads the case.
2) Jury, who render (find, return) the verdict: guilty or not guilty.
3) Prosecutor and his team (prosecution witnesses).
4) Defense Attorney (advocate) and his team (defense witnesses).

Criminal charges:

1) Communism is a utopia. Being an artificial construction, it can never be embodied in something normally working.
2) Communists have committed a lot of crimes against humanity and are responsible for a lot of atrocities.
3) Communism is totalitarianism similar to fascism, and so it must be banned.
4) Communism is economically ineffective; so it inevitably leads to poverty.
5) Communism means confrontation with the other entire world, so it leads to cold or real wars.
6) Communism is the antonym of democracy, liberty and freedom.
7) Communism tries to sacrifice the individual in favor of the society. But any society consists only of individuals so communism tries to sacrifice everybody for dubious (and controversial) ideas.
8) There mustn't be any governing ideology in free society. Pluralism is the only normal ideology.
9) Communism means atheism; and Atheism is antihumanism, loss of sense of life, despair, immorality, and the evil itself.
10) The ideas of communism are absolutely wrong.

The world conspiracies

1) Do you believe in world conspiracies and plots?
2) Does the secret world government exist?
3) Secret orders did exist in the past, have they disappeared without a trace?
4) Do there exist implicit contracts?
5) Do there exist subconscious society projects?
Do we need a revolution?
1) Does the current situation with our state suits you?
2) Society is never responsible for peoples’ fortunes and misfortunes, because a strong person will be successful in any circumstances. Do you agree with that?
3) Can one become strong and good in spite of all circumstances?
4) Should we take care of losers?
5) Could you be happy in Nazi country?
6) What would you change in our society if you were given opportunity?
7) Does the revolution inevitably mean bloodshed?

Democracy versus communism

1) Only democratic regimes have a right to exist. -- Only communism is the real democracy.
2) Freedom of speech is an essential human right. -- Propaganda of war, parasitism and hatred must be forbidden (banned).
3) Sexual freedom is an essential human right. -- Sexual freedom can destroy any society. If it is not so, then communism can get along with sexual freedom.
4) Only individualists can provide and guarantee the progress. -- Collectivism is what must be the tool and the goal of the progress. Individualism leads to corruption, crimes, unemployment, high death rate and other terrible things.
5) Democracy leads to prosperity. -- On the contrary, democracy means the power of rich. In capitalism the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.
6) Communism is like fascism. -- It’s capitalism, that chooses between democracy and fascism. Communism and fascism are in absolute opposition.
7) Why should someone decide what I may do and what I may not, as it always happens under communist regimes? -- That is always so in any regime; so nothing can be done with that. Bad traits of human nature must be suppressed by the responsible state.
8) Communism is economically ineffective. -- West democracy, as we can see now, is worse than communism also in economic terms.

Who are Russians?

1) Who are Russians? Who are Russian women? Who are Russian men?
2) Why others think of us in terms and images like: communism, vodka, laziness, Gulag, mafia, balalaika and bears on the streets?
3) Do Russians have the national idea? What is Russian national anti-idea?
4) Why don’t western people like Russians?
5) Do Russians have inner freedom?
6) Do Russians have competitive advantages?
7) Are Russians hospitable and amicable?
8) Are Russians open? Why do Russians not like psychologists and psycho-analysts?
9) Is the Russian language really great and powerful? Do we really have a great culture?
10) Can we talk about Russians of different nationalities or is such a talk nonsensical?
11) Is it true that the Soviet Union was an empire of Russians?
12) Is there something good in nationalism and Nazism? Should Russia be for Russians? Should Russian culture and language have any special support?
13) Does Russian diaspora have any future?
14) What is Russian religion? Is it the Orthodox Christian Church? Is it Paganism? Is it communism?
15) What is awaiting us in the future?

Coming back to the thirties, who are we going to elect?

We are in the past now, and we have an election. It’s up to us to decide who will be the leader of our country. Bolsheviks have just offered Stalin. After our discussion, we are going to vote for Stalin or for somebody else. Who is better than Stalin?
1) Stalin took very poor, almost illiterate agrarian country and turned it into a cosmic superpower.
2) Stalin accomplished the industrialization. But for the industrialization we would have been defeated by Nazis. The collectivization was also necessary for the industrialization.
3) Stalin destroyed NEP. But NEP had to be destroyed. Nations can’t exist if new capitalists show open disrespect to common people of labor.
4) It was not Stalin, who started repressions. Atrocities started by capitalists in the time of the First World War, and they could not have been stopped at once. In that harsh time there were less people in prisons than there are today.
5) Indeed, people were tortured in prisons in his time, but at least it was not done as openly and cynically as it is done today in our country and in America.
6) Retreat-blocking detachments were necessary in the time of World War Two.
7) Could other leaders have created the atomic bomb? And what would have happened if we should not have created the A-bomb in time.
8) The moment the international situation had normalized, the Soviet Union began to build lodging for common people. Nobody else would have done it, but communists.
9) Free education, free medical care, full employment… All that was destroyed by his (Stalin’s) opponents… So…
10) It is said that Stalin murdered real communists like Buharin, Zinovyev, Tuhachevsky and many others, but they were not real communists, they were traitors.
11) Stalin was a tyrant. But how else can we motivate our people to build a great state and to defend themselves against the hostile encirclement and against our homemade exploiters?

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