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Communication, friends

Communication, friends


1) Everyone says that internet is very interesting! But what is so interesting in it for you?
2) Do you meet new people in internet? Do your virtual acquaintances ever become real? Do you want them to?
3) Do you use ICQ or other programs of that a kind? Do you visit chats?
4) What do you think about sites like OdnoklassnikiRu?
5) Do you play internet-games?
6) Do you write in forums and blogs? Do you read forums and blogs?
7) Do you have your own site where you meet people and communicate with them?
8) Don't you feel sometimes that the virtual life becomes more important for you than the real life?

Hello, how are you?

Name - club - job - languages - free time - topics - traveling - politics - never asked


~What is your name?
~What does your name mean?


~How long have you been visiting this club?
~Do you know other English clubs?
~Do you know other Moscow clubs?
~Do you have an idea of creating your own club?


~What is your occupation?
~Don't you plan to begin your own business?
~What are your life plans?


~What languages do you speak?
~Do you communicate with native speakers?
~Do you communicate via Internet?
~Why do you study English?
~Do you need English for your job?
~How do you study English?
~Do you think everyone can study languages by oneself?

Free time

~What do you do in your free time?
~What sports do you like?
~Do you have pets?


~What are your favorite topics?
~What books do you read?


~Have you been to other countries?
~What do you think of Russians in comparison with foreigners?


~How will the situation is Russia develop?
~What would you improve if you could?

Never asked

~What sexual practices are most interesting for you? Which of them would you like to practice?
~What do you think about your death, waiting for you?
~How do you affirm yourself in this life?


1) Why do you communicate with people?
~ To relieve your feelings?
~ To share your opinions and concepts? Do you really think somebody needs them?
~ Are you yourself interested in somebody's opinions and concepts?
~ Do you want to show how clever you are?
~ Do you want to show that you are a rough guy and can make others to listen to you?
~ Something else?
2) Who is more sociable, communicable - men or women? Why?
3) What subjects touch you most?
4) When did it happen, the last time, when you had a really interesting conversation? What was it about?
5) Do you communicate via Internet? What do you usually talk about?
6) What do you read?
7) Do you write? What do you write about?
8) What are advantages, sociability gives a person?
9) Can one develop sociability intentionally? How can he do it?

Communication 2

1) Do you like to make new acquaintances?
2) Do you like to speak with strangers? Will you tell a fellow traveler things you would never tell your friends?
3) What is the most comfortable distance for you? How quickly do you prefer to become closer?
4) Is it a good idea to make acquaintances outdoors?
5) Do you like to communicate via ICQ, Skype, telephone?
6) Do you like to speak with somebody via Internet when you know that you will never meet him (her) in real life?
7) When you speak with a friend (a stranger), what do you prefer, serious discussions or talks about nothing?
8) Is it a good idea to talk with a close friend about your problems? And with strangers?
9) Is it a good idea to talk with a close friend about your successes? And with strangers?
10) Have you ever been shy of your good deeds? Isn’t it better never to talk about what a good guy you are?
11) Do you like to communicate with people who like to fib, exaggerate, play popular or famous persons?
12) Do you like to communicate with a person who never lies, who never exaggerates things?

Home clubs net

1) Those are always successful who know how to study and how to communicate, aren't they?
2) Would you like to have more acquaintances?
3) Do you ready to pay special attention to improving your communication skills and self-presentation?
4) Do you want to improve your learning facilities? Are you interested in speed reading and speed languages acquisition?
5) You come to our club; it shows that you are interested in improving your English. Are you interested in communication in other languages? In Russian?
6) Would you like to join the net of clubs, where people visit each other to have interesting discussions?
7) Where would you prefer such meetings to be held?
8) What kind of clubs would you prefer, commercial, half-commercial, free?
9) Are you ready to become a leader or a host (the one who meets guests)?
10) What kind of things would like to discuss in such clubs?
11) What forms of communication could you suggest for such clubs?

Communication: some pieces of advice and some questions

1) We should avoid reproaching others, shouldn’t we?
2) What should we do if someone reproaches us?
3) We should avoid complaining.
4) What should we do if someone complains about something?
5) We shouldn’t talk about our problems?
6) What should we do if someone starts talking about his (her) problems?
7) What do you think about conformism?
8) Should we take care of self-esteem of others?
9) Don’t talk about your interests, talk about interests of others!
10) Praise people.
11) Don’t criticize people. If you have to criticize someone begin from praising.
12) Before saying something think how it will be accepted.
13) Don’t show someone that you depend on him.
14) If someone shows his (her) dependence on you, keep away from him!
15) Never show anyone that you are hurt.
16) Never show anyone your disrespect.

Matthew Chapter 18

18:15. But if thy brother shall offend against thee, go, and rebuke him between thee and him alone. If he shall hear thee, thou shalt gain thy brother.

18:16. And if he will not hear thee, take with thee one or two more: that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may stand.

18:17. And if he will not hear them: tell the church. And if he will not hear the church, let him be to thee as the heathen and publican.

18:18. Amen I say to you, whatsoever you shall bind upon earth, shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever you shall loose upon earth, shall be loosed also in heaven.

Bad habits

1) Why do people smoke? Why do people drink? Why do people use drugs?
2) Why do people use bad words?
3) Why do people overeat?
4) What makes people gamble?
5) Why do people have promiscuous sexual relations?
6) Is going to church a kind of a bad habit?
7) Is overworking a bad habit?
8) Is not having money a bad habit? Is not having time a bad habit?
9) What can we suggest to someone who wants to get rid of a bad habit?
10) Why some people don’t want to get rid of bad habits? Can we motivate those who don’t want to be motivated?

How to communicate - Games

1) Very common topics
2) Three universal psychological questions
3) Associations
4) Dream symbols
5) Coaching
6) Taxonomy
7) Forbidden topics
8) Court
9) Marriage
10) Mafia
11) Titanic

How to communicate - Mistakes

1) Pulling the blanket
2) Hiding in illegibility
3) Self-censorship
4) Fear of mistakes
5) Being not supportive
6) Shallowness
7) Keeping distance
8) Hiding emotionality

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