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Men, women, sex and marriage

Men, women, sex and marriage

Men and women

1) Why do people say that women are mysterious?
2) Does women's mind really differ from men's?
3) Who is stronger? Who is more beautiful? Who is smarter? Who can easier make money? Who is a better driver?
4) Women can do everything men can, can't they?
5) Who loves whom more? Who needs whom more? Men or women?
6) Do there exist mutual dependences? Is it good when one depends on another? What can be done with it?
7) Is it OK if one needs and has nonmarital relationships?
8) Why do women live longer lives?


1) Who needs who more, men or women?
2) Who is the main one in families today? Who is usually a householder? For whom is it natural to be?
3) Does the equality between men and women exist nowadays?
4) Must there be equality in every concrete family, or is it naturally for every couple to have a contract of their own. So to say, "I want to be the muster here; and, if you don't want me to, try to find somebody else".
5) Do we have to discuss our problems with each other or is it better to avoid hard talks and try to understand each other instinctively?
6) Who should manage the family budget, a wife or a husband?
7) Who, men or women, need children more? Is it OK to say: "If you need children you will have to take all care of them, because I don't need them."?
8) What can be done in a typical situation when one of spouses needs sex while the other one doesn't need much of it?
9) What do you think of adulteries? Is it natural or must it be punished?
10) What is your attitude to polygamy? Is it normal? Is it appropriate for you?
11) Does the institution of family come to decay?

Friendship, love and marriage

1) Can there exist just a friendship between a man and a woman? Do you have such friends?
2) Can there be a love without sex?
3) What should we do in case of unanswered, undivided love?
4) What should you do if you are loved but you don't love her (him)?
5) Should we ever let ourselves fall in love? Is it in our power to control our feelings?
6) Can one fall in love intentionally, by one's own will?
7) How can we endear others?
8) Does marriage mean the end to all sexual adventures?
9) Does marriage inevitably lead to routine and boredom?

Sex, marriage and adultery

1) Is it normal to have only one sexual partner for all your life?
2) Do sexual relations always lead to troubles?
3) Is it possible always to find or create something new in sex? Do we really need to invent something new?
4) What can someone do if he or she needs sex (more sex, different sex) but the spouse does not want it?
5) Do men have the right for adultery? Do women?
6) What do you think of swingers?
7) Could you forgive your spouse for adultery?
8) Do you think God considers our marriage sacred? Is adultery really a mortal sin?
9) Do you really need her (his) fidelity? Why do you need it?
10) Who are happier, the married or bachelors (bachelorettes)? Probably the divorced are?
11) Are families always created for upbringing children?

Sexual freedom or morality, what should we choose?

1) The only principle we ought to follow is that one: live your life and let others live theirs. So, sex is a good thing providing it is safe. -- If people don't restrain themselves and others, the society will go to debauch and collapse.
2) Sex is beautiful, wonderful and so on. -- Sex is dirty and disgusting.
3) One can find in sex extreme, transcendental and transforming experiences. -- Sex leads to emptiness and self-destruction.
4) Sexual need is one of basic needs. It must be satisfied. One can't do without sex. -- Sex is allowed only in family and only for bringing babies. If someone needs wantonness, it's only his (her) own problem.
5) Communism has collapsed because people didn't have sex, so they didn't want to protect the system which deprived them from their basic needs. -- It was wantonness what destroyed the communism.
6) We should try everything. It is natural to try homosexuality, because homosexuality is natural. Homophobia is destructive for the society. -- Homosexuality is a perversion, so it should be banned, and homosexuals must be punished.
7) It is better to practice sex from the age we have sexual need. -- The later you start with sex the better.
8) Nudism is natural. -- Nudists are people preoccupied with sex. What they need is everlasting lewdness.
9) Pornography is a harmless entertainment, creativity and sexual education. -- Pornography must be banned because it is offensive and dirty.
10) Puritans are losers, impotents and people with hidden hatred to everyone. -- Puritans are normal and spiritual people. Puritans are saints.
11) Love between young people and elderly people is absolutely normal and natural. Youngsters need experienced partners. -- Such kind of an intimacy is a rape or, at least, an attempt to a rape. It's the worst of crimes.

The Family

1) Who needs who more, men or women?
2) Who is the main one in the family today, a husband or a wife? What is natural?
3) Does the equality between men and women exist nowadays?
4) Must there be equality in every family, or is it naturally for every couple to have a contract of their own? May someone say, "I want to be the muster here; and, if you don't want me to, try to find somebody else"?
5) Do we have to discuss our problems with each other or is it better to avoid hard talks and try to understand each other instinctively?
6) Who should manage the family budget, a wife or a husband?
7) Who, men or women, need children more? Is it OK to say, "If you need children you will have to take all care of them, because I don't need them"?
8) What can be done in a typical situation when one of spouses needs sex while another one doesn't want it?
9) What do you think of the adultery? Is it natural? Must it be punished?
10) What is your attitude to polygamy? Is it normal? Is it appropriate for you?
11) Is the institution of family coming to decay nowadays?

Violence, Horror, Erotica, Porn

1) Sex and violence, how did it happen that such opposite things are associated one with another?
2) Why do people like to watch horror films? Don't they have enough horror in real life?
3) Must sex in mass-media be banned? Must violence be banned?
4) Do you like movies that don't have erotica at all? Do you like erotic movies? Do you like porn?
5) When we say negative words about porn, don't they reflect our attitude to sex itself? What is your attitude to sex and porn?
6) Have you ever seen good porn? Would you like to?
7) Can you imagine yourself being an actor in porno-movies?
8) If you could switch off your sexual needs, would you do it, because it could give you some freedom? Would you want to increase your sexuality?

Isn’t feminism a crime against humanity?

1) Who is a better worker by nature? Should being handicapped by nature be compensated by society?
2) How does he pay for his advantages? How does she pay for hers?
3) Should the work of mothers be paid? Should the work of solders be paid? Should somebody be forced to do his (her) gender work?
4) A male child (of 18 years old) was sent to war. There he was killed. If you only have voted for party that accepts the laws that make it possible… If it only has been done with your silent consent… Doesn’t it make you responsible for his death?
5) Was it OK, what happened on Titanic? Was it men’s duty, to give up their lives? Should women have been grateful to men for their sacrifice?
6) Who should get pension earlier?
7) So called “mother capital”… What do you think of that?
8) Unemployment… Wasn’t it created deliberately against men?
9) Violence and rape, who suffers from it more, men or women?
10) In case of divorce, who should the children stay with? What about alimony rights? Do those rights have a right to exist? Have those rights been created for children’s sake?
11) Women’s body is a fetish and a kind of religion. It’s not the same about men’s. Why?
12) Who are better lovers? Who are given more sexual gifts by nature?
13) Why do women live (much) longer life than men?
14) Why does contemporary feminism exist? Does it come from women or from men?
15) Is father responsible for a child he did not plan to have? Does he have a right to save his child from an abortion? Does a fetus have any right at all?
16) Mother did not tell her husband, that “their” child is not his child. Is it a crime? Must there be a special sentence for that crime in Criminal Code? Crimes against men, why are they not considered to be crimes at all?
17) If a woman commits crime, is being a woman an aggravating or mitigating circumstance?
18) All laws are written to protect women and suppress men. Isn’t it a matriarchy? Then how did it happen that almost all leaders are men?
19) Are men responsible for women? Are women responsible for men?
20) Women don’t respect common contemporary men. They think that men must be better, don’t they? Will women’s disrespect ever make men better?
21) Does feminism lead to better life for women? Do women suffer from feminism any way?

Boyfriends, girlfriends

1) Is it a good idea to have sexual relation before marriage? What do you think of extramarital relations?
2) Except for sexual exitement, what do we need friends (girlfriends, boyfriends) for?
3) What age is the best one for finding new friends?
4) How many friends would you like to have?
5) Is a street a good place for making acquaintances? If it’s OK, how can it be done?
6) Where can we find new friends? What about our club?
7 What about giving an ad in Internet, in a newspaper?
8) Is it better to look for new friends by oneself, or is it better to wait till someone finds you?
9) Isn’t it dangerous to meet with a stranger at home?
10) Is it difficult to say to a girl (to a boy) “I want you”?
11) Do there exist effective ways of seducing? NLP, pheromones, something else?


1) -- Children don’t have to suffer, so alimony must be paid by a parent who leaves the family.
1) -- Only if a parent does not support a child he or she may be sued. It’s up to him (her) to decide what his (her) child needs.
2) -- Alimony is created to support children.
2) -- Alimony is created to punish men.
3) -- Men must help women and their children, and so women don’t have to be grateful for men’s support. If men don’t want to help women, they must be forced to do that by law.
3) -- Mutual dependence exists between men and women. And you always have the right to hear thanks for your support and expect to be supported back by other side.
4) -- One quarter of a salary is not a big sum of money.
4) -- If we take income minus taxes and cost of living, and minus money invested into a business (education, work), it won’t be 25 percent it may be more that 90 or 100 percent.
5) -- A child is a burthen. The one who suffers from having to live with a child must be compensated by one who enjoys a happy life without a child.
5) -- Having a child is happiness, so the one who is deprived from that happiness must be compensated.
6) -- Sex is a bestial joy, men, not women, want to have sex, and as a result of sex women inevitably have babies they would prefer never to have. So men are guilty and must be punished.
6) -- No sane person would ever say such things.
7) -- Contraception is never safe. Men and women are equally responsible for her unwanted pregnancy.
7) -- Women are more responsible. The semen can easily be stolen from a man (it is not even considered to be a crime), so men don’t have any means of safe birth control, so men should not be responsible for unwanted pregnancy.
8) -- Women should have rights and should not have responsibilities. It’s her body and it’s up to her to decide whether to abort a baby or not.
8) -- If men have duties they should also have rights. Abortion must not be committed without consent of the father. It must not be committed at all because a baby is a human being who wants to live.
9) -- Family is a woman and her children, and men are not always necessary for normal family.
9) -- If both parents want to have a divorce it’s up to them to decide who will pay who, but no one have a right to kick another spouse from the family if that another one had been responsible. If not there must be a court decision for that.
10) -- It is more natural that children stay with women.
10) -- Why is it considered to be so? The practice shows the opposite.
11) -- Women always try to keep the family, so if divorces happen it is all because of men’s guilt.
11) -- On the contrary. Men usually propose and women almost never. They very often refuse to men. Those are women who usually demand divorce, not men. Alimony provokes divorces.
12) -- You can’t separate a mother and a child, so a father is the one who has to leave in case of divorce.
12) -- Your children may be taken from you (or you may be taken from your child) only if you are a slave. Our society supposes that men are slaves. It’s terrible!
13) -- If divorces happen it is because men are bad.
13) -- Big percent of women plan divorce subconsciously even before the marriage. She wants her child to be entirely hers and she wants money, not a man.

The U.S. Constitution: Amendment - Slavery Abolished. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Thus the only way that Alimony could therefore be legally justified is as punishment! But, punishment for what? What is the crime?

The International Labour Organization's Forced Labour Convention of 1930 defines forced labour as "all work or service, which is exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty and for which the said person has not offered himself voluntarily."

Uncommon relations

Some of those relations seem to be very strange, queer and suspicious. We usually dislike some of them. But why should we dislike them if they don’t interfere with our life? Or do they?
1) Young man and mature woman
2) Young woman and mature man
3) Polyamory (multipartnered relationships and families)
4) A boy of fifteen or younger and a woman. A girl of fifteen or younger and a man. Love without sex between them. Sex relations between them.
5) Homosexual relations and marriages
6) Incomplete families
7) Swinging
8) Prostitution as an avocation and fun or as a destiny
9) BDSM-relations (sadism, masochism and so on)
10) Striptease
11) Nudism
12) Virtual love without trying to meet in the reality
13) Asexuality


1) Mothers love unconditionally. It is “pure” love. Fathers love “conditionally”. What love is the “highest” love?
2) Should we love ourselves unconditionally or conditionally?
3) Does “to love” mean to want to get something from the one you love? For example, Mermaid wanted to get immortal spirit from her Prince. Was her love selfish (griping, sordid)?
4) Does “to love” mean to want to give? Why should we give somebody something, if we don’t expect to be paid?
5) Is love altruism or egoism?
6) What is the difference between love and friendship?
7) Can there be love without sex? Can there be sex without love?
8) Can we live without any need of love?
9) Who needs love more, men or women?
10) How does love affect us? How does it affect you?
11) Can we love many people at the same time?
12) Where and how can we find somebody for friendship or love?
13) What shout we do in case of undivided (unanswered) love?
14) We are responsible for those who we tamed. N'est-ce pas?
15) Is it worth to be jealous?
16) Is it worth to try to stop someone who wants to leave?

Talking about sex

1) Should intimate life be concealed? Why yes? Why no?
2) Is it true that only lonely and not satisfied people speak about sex?
3) Sex for health. What do you think of it?
4) Is it good to pretend that everything is fine with you even if it is not so fine at all? Is it good to deceive yourself?
5) Is it normal to discuss questions like “How to become a goddess of sex”?
6) Aren’t whose people fools who think of sex they have had in terms OK or not OK? Better and much better are always possible in this realm, aren’t they?
7) Is love the ultimate solution for all sexual problems or are love and sex different realms?
8) Would a wise person always try to make sex more diverse and interesting?
9) Is sex worth of big efforts? May there be different things even more desirable and not so expensive and not so unsafe?
10) Some western people make their own porn and then share it with their friends. Sometimes they even publish it in internet. Aren’t they crazy? But why?
11) By the way, what makes sex so attractive?

What do women feel towards men?

1) How did the attitude to men and women changed throughout the history?
2) To love men women have to respect them. Feminism denies that men are better than women in any way. So men have nothing to be respected for and nothing to be loved for, don’t they?
3) What should women do if they have been taught not to respect men?

~Should they forget about love?
~Should they become lesbians?
~Should they damn feminism, feminists and their doctrine?
~Should they try to find reasons to respect and love men?
~Should they consider everything being OK and try not to worry about anything?

4) In what are men better and stronger than women? They can easier carry heavy objects. What else can they do better than women? What a men’s responsibilities in our modern world?
5) How will the situation develop?
6) Who is interested in belittling men?
7) How can the situation be cured? Can there be any real solution?

Men, women and all kind of stereotypes

1) Who should and who shouldn't, who does and who doesn’t, and why…

~ make court, be gallant
~ propose
~ be inferior
~ give in, give way, concede, comply, step back
~ protect, defend

2) Who is the giver and who is the taker in man-woman relations?
3) What one may expect to get in return?
4) Who is stronger? Who lives longer lives and why?
5) Around whom should the family be built?
6) Who (a man or a woman) should be the breadwinner? Who should be the a housewife (housespouse)?
7) What is man's work and what is woman's?
8) Should boys and girls be given the same toys?
9) Who needs sex more? Who needs more sex?
10) What is to do if one wants sex and the other one doesn't?
11) Who needs children more?
12) What is to do if one wants to have children and the other one doesn't?
13) Should men allow themselves to wear flamboyant cloths?
14) Should men allow themselves to express their feelings and even cry?
15) Should men allow themselves to complain?
16) Does anybody have a right to be a loser?

Men and women, who needs who and what for?

Imagine… We have as much money as we need, so everything is done for us by itself. Nobody is going to attack us, and we don’t need any protection. So, we have some questions now…

1) What do we need men for?
2) What do we need women for?
3) What do we need children for?
4) Does there exist something that is given to men by nature and not given to women? What are men’s advantages?
5) Does there exist something that is given only to women, except for their ability to bring children and nurse them? What are their advantages?
6) Do men need those women who don’t need men?
7) Do women need those men who don’t need them?
8) If a woman has shown you that she doesn’t need you, will you try to build any relations with her?
9) If a man has shown you that he doesn’t need you, will you try to build any relations with him?
10) Is the opposite sex doesn’t value your sex, what can be a solution?
11) Should we teach the opposite sex to be human? Is it possible?
12) Should we choose homosexuality? Why don’t we accept that solution?
13) Should we choose asexuality or sex without any love?
14) Can those solutions be combined?
15) Are those questions important? What way will understanding influence your life?

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