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Skype English Communication Club

Real-Talk-Club - Правила

Мы говорим и переписываемся на Английском, Французском и иногда на других языках (Иврит, Эсперанто, Русский). Иногда участвуют также носители языка. Иногда мы встречаемся в кафе у метро Новослободская (Москва).

Есть программные темы. К примеру, «Техники освоения иностранных языков», «Психология, Экономика, Политика». Есть просто встречи – тематические и свободные.

Цена 450 рублей за 45 минут.

We speak here English, French and sometimes other languages (Hebrew, Esperanto, Russian). Native speakers also participate sometimes. Sometimes some of us meet in real life in Moscow near Novoslobodskaya metro station.

We have programs like “Second language acquisition techniques” or “Psychology, Economics, Politics”. Sometimes we just talk about everything interesting for us.

The system is very democratic. If you wish you can become one of leaders and lead your own groups.

The rules

1. We usually fallow preliminary prepared questions, however those questions are just a start point for our conversation and there is no need to follow them strictly. If we have interesting ideas inspired by the conversation, we discuss them.

2. Try not to speak too long and not to repeat over and over what you have just said. Let others speak too.

3. Do not interrupt interlocutors unless they start to misinterpret you, or repeat things already said, or speak way too long.

4. There are no forbidden topics! It is forbidden to forbid topics!

5. You don't need to be politically correct but try to be polite, friendly and supportive towards people.

6. Do not demotivate.

7. Those who speak better usually speak a little more.

8. Rules are not laws and sometimes can be broken.


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