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Accuracy, fluency etc

Accuracy, fluency etc

It is usually said that there are two important things about the speech. They are fluency and accuracy. And it is not easy to be both fluent and accurate at the same time. But in fact we have to distinguish between some more things. How can we improve them?

1) Correctness. It means that you do not make mistakes.

2) Accuracy. It means that your speech is your best. It means that you don’t make slips. Slips – are errors you make not because the lack of your knowledge, but because you don’t have much time to think.

3) Fluency. It is about being able to speak without stuttering, breaks, long pauses many failed attempt to build correct sentences.

4) Speed. It is about how fast you speak. Actually you can be fluent but slow or fast but not fluent.

5) Clearness. It means you don’t overuse things like “hm, hm, eh, hm” etc… and you don’t excessively use words like “you know”, “well”, “so to speak” and others of that kind.

6) Richness of the speech. It is about both, rich vocabulary and rich grammar.

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