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What do we need a teacher for?

What do we need a teacher for?

Pay attention, sometimes a teacher is just a partner.
Ask yourself what you can do without a teacher equally effectively or even better. How can you do it?
At what aspects are you good as a teacher?

1. Teacher is an instant dictionary, interpreter, and grammar reference book. What can we do if we don’t have a teacher for those?
2. Teacher can correct you. Do you need to be corrected?
3. He can make you work by getting angry with you if you don’t work properly (mentor). Do you need to be forced to work this way?
4. He can motivate you; with him studying is not that boring as without him.
5. He can show you right movements, explain phonemes, explain fingering and so on (methodologist).

6. He can provide you with best set of exercises and explain how to do them most effectively. He can be your coach. Do you need a coach (methodologist)?
7. He can be your orientation pilot. Some things are better seen from outside. Do you see a difference between a coach and an orientation pilot?
8. He can be your personal psychologist. If you have some brakes and barriers he will help you to overcome them.
9. He can be your communication partner.
10. He can be a leader. There is some difference between a leader and a communication partner. Do you need a leader and rapport with him?

11. He can be an example of the perfect speech and writing.
12. He can provide you with best materials; he can help you not to fallow bad books and strategies (methodologist and supply manager).

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