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NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

Here is an interesting Russian girl. Do you like her pronunciation?

1) Can we read people’s minds? Do you believe Victoria?
2) Do you know what NLP is? If not then two next questions are about what NLP is…

3) Are our minds like computers? Can we become effective by improving our mental programs?
4) Can we become effective by imitating actions of effective people?
5) Is it possible to hypnotize every one? Can the Gypsies do it?

6) Is it fair to manipulate people? Many people like to be manipulated; why not give them what they want?
7) Would you like to be led?
8) Are there universal techniques that would allow us to manipulate everybody?
9) Can NLP be used for foreign languages acquisition?
10) Is it a good way of therapy?
11) What NLP techniques can we effectively use?

12) Is NLP natural for Russians? Why was it invented in the West?
13) What can be a Russian NLP like invention?

Category: Discussions | Added by: IlyaShalnov (2015.01.04)
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