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Cowardly cops and violent women

Cowardly cops and violent women

Cliff once said that we don’t need men and manly behavior to wage wars. Drones can do it. And women can easily be drone “pilots”. But in fact we need normal men. We need them badly. What will happen to men when women are taken to the police, when men are allowed to behave like women. Look at the bunch of those cowards and you will understand a lot. Do we need normal men yet?

Cliff: what is your take on this?

Women are more violent than men nowadays. It is not because of their nature. It is because nobody makes them pay for their violence and other disgraceful things. BTW, lack of responsibility and cowardice usually go together. Men learn not to be cowards because they feel responsibility for defending their women, their friends, their country. It is not learned very easily. And when men learn how to fight and defend their women, women learn how to be successful and demand privileges.

About the previous movie... First you take to police women who have no idea what it means to be men. Then you take men like women to the police. Then you see disgusting cops like those in the previous video. That is a result of demasculinization of the western society.

Violent women and murdering cowardly cops are two different sides of the same coin.


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