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Universal demotivators

Universal demotivators

WK: What's the deal with sexism, by the way? Is this a sore subject for you?

The question is ask twice. Instead of participating in the discussion WK persistently asks the same rhetorical question.

Great. This rhetorical question must work as demotivator. That kind of question is a universal demotivator. Universal – that is the word. You don’t need to think even a second to create that kind of demotivating questions.

And demotivating questions are called in Russian “Каждой Бочке Затычка” (the cork for each and every barrel). It is translated into English as “Wet Blanket”. The meaning of this idiom is the same, I think. Using wet blanket you can cork practically everything.

By the way. About women. That kind of questions is typical for women nowadays. It is opposite to what women could and should do in our life. It is life disintegration, and women could be integrators not disintegrators. Their destiny is to be not only mothers. They could be moral supporters for any men’s activity, integrators. Nowadays they don’t understand their destiny and act just the opposite (impose demotivation).

But if women begin to help men, to motivate them, to integrate men’s projects with their female clever support, they gain enormous female constructive power. You can very easily create your business today if you are a woman and you understand what I am talking about now.

There are universal wet blanket questions. And there are opposite questions that help you to understand life. It is not difficult to remember the set of constructive questions, but they really help you to deal with any kind of information.

The set of constructive universal questions is called Integral Algorithm. It helps you both to understand and remember things. It is used in speed reading, in any reading, in your life.

And about integral algorithm… It can be an interesting topic for discussion in the Languages Group.

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