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Thousand words a day, is it possible?

Thousand words a day, is it possible?

It is about studying partially new and partially known words. And it is about memorizing up to the optimal level and no "better" than that. And it is about your memory after you have already learned and trained special techniques. It is mostly about gaining the passive vocabulary but it is also about activating the passive vocabulary.

1) To remember means to forget right
2) Relaxation and removing unnecessary movements
3) Consciousness or subconscious? Can we memorize voluntarily, intentionally? How can we motivate our memory?

4) Make your subconscious work and you will never get tired
5) We never forget things completely. How can we utilize that fact?
6) How well should you try to memorize words from the first time?
7) Using mnemonics; is it the right direction?

8) Flashcards
9) Double rotation
10) Rules of reading and very simple special signs instead of transcription
11) How to learn rules of reading? The same flashcards and double rotation.

12) Flashcards and our computer programs
13) Dictation mode and blind typing
14) Shamanic techniques
15) Multitasking, trance, strong and long drive (keif, high, thrill, rush ets…)
16) How much drive would you want?

17) What does the word consist of? What are our subtasks then?
18) Using 3 channels
19) Blind typing or handwriting?

20) Writing down the words from the context and how it should be done. Should we take words only from the context?
21) Memorizing at the moment of reading

22) Alternative techniques? With bare hands? How can we cope with words without computer programs?
23) Developing new native language in visual channel (and in the kinesthetic one)

24) Improving your sleeping
25) Forgetting about your conflicts and trouble
26) Not overeating and other health relating things
27) Brain massage

28) The power of young sportsmen

29) No illusions: knowing words is not enough to become a fluent speaker
30) How fast can foreign languages be learnt?


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