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Are you a feminist?

Are you a feminist?

1) Are you a feminist?
2) Why is feminism for equality only for women? Why is it called feminism and not “equalism”? Can there be equality only for a part of the society?
3) Do you think that men and women don’t have equal rights now? Who is privileged?
4) Do you know laws favoring men? Can you name laws favoring women?
5) At what age should men and women get pension?
6) What about army and draft?
7) Do you agree that men are worse than women?
8) Why girls are more successful at school?
9) Should the behavior of men be controlled? Should men's sexuality be constantly restricted by women?
10) Were women oppressed by men throughout the history? Must men compensate to women their suffering throughout the history?
11) Should men run after women?
12) Should women be saved first? How do you like the Titanic story?
13) Should we protect only women from domestic violence or should men also be protected?
14) Who are better workers?
15) Who is paid better?
16) Is there any prejudice in our society against men or women?
17) Should paternity fraud be considered a crime? And how severe should be the punishment?
18) What about election rights? Suppose majority of women vote and send men to wars. Men die. Women have majority and again send only men to wars. Is it democracy? Why not?
19) Why do men drink vodka? Why do men smoke? Is it because of their defective nature? Can there be other explanations?
20) Is feminism for equal rights or does it have different aims?
21) Are you a feminist?
22) How does feminism affect women?
23) How does feminism affect men?
24) What do we have to do with it?


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