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Internet discussions

Internet discussions

1. Do you prefer emotionally touching deep topics or do you prefer neutral and safe talks not really touching your soul and mind? Do we come here to study English or to share our ideas?

2. Is Internet a proper place to have debates? Do you try to prove your point of view or do you prefer political correctness?

3. Do you feel comfortable when people try to teach you how to live? Does advice mean assault for you?

4. Do you always try to follow given topic or is it sometimes better to talk about everything what comes into your mind?

5. What can be a reason for a ban? When is it appropriate to say "if you don’t obey my rules I will ban you"?

6. Is it appropriate to interrupt the speaker? And what if he talks about things that are already clear and returns to the same things over and over again? What if he misinterprets your words?

7. Should there be the rule of two (three, four, five) minutes for each interlocutor? Should people talk by turn?

8. Should everybody have the same time or should active fellows who have what to say talk more?

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