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Competition and cooperation

Competition and cooperation

1) Is it OK to wish somebody defeat? Competitors always do it, don’t they?

2) Some people believe that only misery of being a loser can motivate people to become better. Do you agree with that? Can you name other possible motives?

3) Is it a good idea to discourage people? If you compete with people you will always do it, won't you?

4) Do you try to compete in our club and not to support somebody? Do you try to be supportive? Do people like those who are supportive?

5) Should ideologies compete?

6) Why do capitalists demand from governments of other countries to support competition in their countries?

7) Who are more competitive and who are more cooperative, men or women?

8) Does such a thing as a self-made man exist? Don't you think that men can make themselves only if they are supported?

9) Should we give understanding to everyone or should we exchange (“sell”) our understanding for something?

10) Do men support women? Do women support men?

11) Who are more cooperative and who are more competitive, Westerners or Russians?

12) Elites that compete with their own people lose their respect. Whole states and their citizens lose their respect because of that. So nobody is really respected nowadays. Do you respect Obama for instance? Do you respect Americans?

13) Do you like the situation when nobody is respected?

14) Is money respected?

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