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To avoid some misunderstanding

To avoid some misunderstanding I have to explain some things

I teach English. I am a private English teacher and teach some students. I also have a Cambridge diploma TKT. I am not a perfect teacher and I will probably never be a perfect teacher. But I try to do my best. I am also a programmer. I write computer programs that help us to study foreign languages (not necessarily English). But it is another story.

Your ability and your readiness to create real and interesting discussions is a part of being a good English teacher and a good English learner as well. I think it is obvious. That is why we discuss things in English here.

If you want to be a good teacher it is absolutely necessary to understand what is happening in the mind and soul of your students. Otherwise you will not be able to build a rapport between your student and yourself and as a result the lessons will not be effective.

You should understand what “affective filter” is and how it works preventing learners from learning foreign languages. Read Stephen Krashen if you haven’t heard about the affective filter. He wrote an interesting book about second language acquisition. And his book is free.

How can you learn that part of psychology? You can read about “affective filter” if you know where to find books about that. By the way, I don’t know books about that. But even if you read a lot about different things, it is not enough just to read. You have to discuss it when it is possible.

So when we discuss things with English teachers and especially strategies of studying languages (whether it is better to study foreign languages at home via Internet or with other students in real life) it is the very proper place and proper time to discuss this matter. Internet – is safety. Should we choose safety or should we choose real communications? So it is not leaving the topic. It is just about the topic. It is a direct answer to direct question with an additional option to develop discussion in this very important direction if participants are willing to.

And we should not be afraid to discuss our own learning strategies. If you have some fear of this, it is much better to try to overcome it, because one day you will teach your students to do it. And because of that words like “How you can be sure about your motives” are not offensive. It is a common and normal question. And discussion about women’s issues (about being secure in lessons) is also a very legitimate discussion. It is not “about sex” – it is about our learning and teaching strategies.


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