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Ukraine and Russia - Some statements for discussion in one of our communication groups

Ukraine and Russia - Some statements for discussion in one of our communication groups

1. All people are bad in general including Russians. So examples of bad Russians prove nothing. But others in general are worse than Russians (it is rather about states Europe, USA, Ukraine, ISIS than people of those states).

2. So called sexism can explain what happens in Ukraine. Ukraine behaves towards Russia like feminist women behave towards men. They give men nothing but hatred and believe that men have to support them for that. Ukrainians believe that they are innocent, saint victims of Russians (like women are victims of men according to feminism) and Russians must compensate Ukrainians their suffering.

3. Hatred is the only way Ukrainians wants to sell. Russians will pay Ukrainians in hope that the hatred will be mitigated (but it will get only worse). And they want to sell to the West the opportunity to have NATO military bases in Ukraine.

4. They wanted to turn Russian language into second rate language in Ukraine (into third rate language, in fact, because it had already been a second rate one) even though it is the most popular language there; and that would prevents Russians from getting high education and would turn them into servants working for Ukrainians.

5. They overthrew democratically elected government even though there was agreement that the election had been assigned to the nearest future. And they began to put their bandits into governing positions and send them also to the east parts of Ukraine where people didn’t want them.

6. They regularly shell Donetsk and say that it is Donetsk who regularly shells itself.

7. They call people like Bandera and Shuhevich (one of Hitler’s servants) their heroes. They issued a special law calling them national heroes.

8. They have anti-Russian slogans and rituals and they are very popular in Ukraine.

9. Poroshenko power still exists only because “Putin” supports it. There were too many acts of open support of it. BTW that is why Putin is bad. He has always been pretty much anti-Russian.


What did Putin do for the junta?

1. He removed Russian army from the borders of Ukraine.

2. He recognized not democratically elected power in Ukraine as legitimate.

3. He asked western parts of Ukraine not to have referendums of independency.

4. He did not recognize independence of the East Ukrainian republics after legitimate referendums.

5. He sent military equipment from the Crimea to Kiev.

6. He stopped the successful fighting of the East against Kiev. He did it twice.

7. He sells coil to Ukraine even though they don’t buy it from Donetsk for the sake of siege.

8. He credited Ukraine by many different ways including selling cheap gas to it.


Chechnya and Crimea are absolutely different. In Chechnya Russians were severely oppressed by Chechen’s bandits. So Russians finally defended Russians there in the First Chechen war. But this war was lost because Russians didn’t want to war. They looked at it as at the war of Moscow bandits against Chechen local bandits and didn’t want to take part in it. The second Chechen war started when Chechen bands attacked Russia (occupied Dagestan). This time Russians were motivated stronger.

In Crimea the oppressed part was not Ukrainians but Russians. Russian language was turned into the second rate language there. Then after so called revolution Ukrainians showed that they planned to fight against Russian language further and didn’t care about the rest of democracy at all. Russians saw that Kiev called nationalists who killed Russians and Jews their national heroes. Big hatred and oppression was in the way. That is why Crimea decided to break away.

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