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Why do you study foreign languages?

Why do you study foreign languages?

1. Why do you study foreign languages?

2. Is studying the foreign language a question of discipline for you? Do you force yourself? Do you try to coax yourself? Do you moderate yourself when you can't stop? Is the foreign language for you a job or a hobby?

3. Language is knowledge. It is grammar and lexis. Is it also phonetics for you or do you ignore this aspect? Are there other aspects?

4. Do you associate language with sport? What skills do you train? Speaking, reading, writing, listening? All of them? What about thinking? What about additional skills like translating, teaching, communicating, passing exams? Is the language for you like sport games or bodybuilding?

5. Is the language kind of sex or has it nothing to do with it? Are there some similarities? Can sex be substituted by languages?

6. Do you agree that language can be spiritual practice? Can it be a way to highest levels of existence? Can it be Yoga?

7. Language is war. Do you learn to speak to fight for the place under the Sun?

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